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Getting The Most From Your Agent
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Getting The Most From Your Agent 


Agents are a special breed of giving people. Even the most jaded of seasoned Agents understands the excitement and emotion of the residential real estate transaction. For that they are often very tolerant of abuse by Buyers and Sellers during the course of an escrow. Unfortunately, the tolerance of a resilient Agent is often misunderstood and/or taken for granted in the sense of an entitlement.


How much an Agent is being paid for the transaction has no bearing on how much they can be abused. Agents spend a lot of time with people conceptualizing, dreaming, analyzing, evaluating, planning, searching, coordinating, and looking, all done without pay. Agents work on a contingency fee, they only get paid when the escrow closes. Many things during the course of an escrow can cause it to fail resulting in no return for the time and effort put forth by the Agent. The Agent might receive a paycheck if everything goes right and your escrow closes, but he has spent years accumulating the knowledge to connect you with the right property and navigate you through the complex and extensive litigation minefield known as escrow and is deserving of it.


The best way to get your Agent to "dance" for you is to appreciate his time. Show up on time as best you can. Things happen, but it isn't an accident if you get hungry on your way to the appointment, stop to eat fast food, and show up 45 minutes late eating in front of your hungry Agent that should be home eating dinner. If the meter was running and you were paying by the hour would you eat afterwards? Even though there is no Agent-pay meter running in a real estate transaction, you are paying dearly if your Agent isn't happy with you.


Some don'ts to consider: Don't call your Agent at 9:30 at night for idle discussion. If your Agent is expecting your call per a plan, or because you have ongoing negotiations, fine, but just to chat because you can't sleep isn't cool. Don't tell your Agent that you wrote an offer and will have to wait to see what happens before you can take a step with him. Hmmm. Who did you write with? How many Agents are you working with? When you work with more than one Agent everybody loses, especially you. Don't hold back information about what you want, what you can do, and when you want to do it. Your Agent can't work for you without knowing what you are all about. It would be like going to the Doctor and when he asks you where it hurts you tell him, "Find it!" Makes about as much sense, but it happens with amazing frequency.


Do be candid about your opinion of a property. If you don't like it say so right away and move to the next one. You don't have to look at every property to make the Agent happy. If you like a property tell the Agent what you like. If this one doesn't work out he'll know what you liked so he can be looking for it in other properties.


Tell the Agent your price point. If he runs you up shame on him, he might not be the right Agent for you. If, however, you want more than you can afford, but you aren't telling the Agent you can afford more, and nothing you are seeing in your established price point is satisfactory, then you are wasting everybody's time. The good Agent is going to work within the parameters that you set and help you with market perspective as it pertains to what you say you want to spend.


Our Advice: If you expect commitment and over the top performance from your Agent be candid and forthright with your Agent. It is a team effort to get you the right home on the right terms and conditions. You do your part and the Agent does his. Together you'll get the job done and done right.


Interview and test your Agent. When you find the right one embrace the opportunity to have a professional on your side working to achieve your goals.


When you are truthful with your agent he is less likely to miss an opportunity to help you get what you want when a nuance in negotiations or the transaction is presented because he has full knowledge of your action preference. 



When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs... Experience is Priceless!
Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine are real estate agents with RE/MAX Realty Affiliates in Gardnerville. They are short sale and foreclosure specialists and certified distressed property experts.



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Getting the Most From Your Agent 


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