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When Is Waiting Long Enough To Sell, Long Enough?

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 When Is Waiting Long Enough To Sell, Long Enough?



If your home has been on the market a long time and remains unsold while others in the neighborhood have sold its time for some reevaluation. Undoubtedly, you had discussions with your Agent when you listed your home for sale that centered around price, objectives and motivation. Decisions were made and you are living with the consequences of the course of action you decided to take with your Agent.


Circumstances for pricing and motivation change. Our regional market has fluctuated greatly this year as it pertains to the volume of sales and pricing. As changes occur in the market your position in the market is changed. In a rising market Sellers watch it dutifully wondering weekly if they should raise their price. In a stable but fluctuating market such as we now have, they seem to put their head in the sand.


It is time for you to consider the reality of your situation. First, are you fighting your Agent on the reality of the value of your property considering what your property really is? Do you understand that it isn't how much you have in it, how much cash you need to buy where you are going, or how much it would cost to replace your property that create price? Whether you bought at the height of the market, or got it free by inheritance, your initial investment amount doesn't affect the current market value. Values in Anywhere, USA, are what they are there and have no relevance to your current market value.


Replacement cost and market value are not the same thing. We have seen that illustrated as never before over the past eight years. We are very close to having the resale and new markets match up but this is still not a viable method for pricing at this time. Look at your property amenities, condition, location through the eyes of a Buyer. Do you like what you see? What are your options - other properties that would serve your purpose?


Buyers have twenty times more resources and know more than ever before. Waiting for the naïve ignorant Buyer with too much money just doesn't work anymore. If what you want to be true and what is true don't align they what you want doesn't align with reality. When Buyers buy another house instead of yours who are you fooling, them or you? You probably aren't fooling your Agent, he's just hanging on until you get real.


Anybody can put up a for sale sign. Your Agent offers more than that. She is the platform for the distribution of information about your property. She will write and negotiate your contracts, navigate the escrow process with you, and help you with perspective along the way. Your Agent has knowledge and experience to help you understand how you fit in the market. Don't fight your Agent, she's on your side.


Our Advice: Where are you in your selling program? Did you trap your Agent with, "Can we just try it?" pricing? If so, are you now emotionally attached to that experimental ambitious price? If Buyers are evaluating your house and buying something else it is time for a candid personal assessment of your situation. Your "try" price was based on hope and prayer, not market reality. If you took a wrong turn on a trip and were heading the wrong way you know that you won't get to your destination staying on that path. Pricing your home incorrectly is just like taking a wrong turn, you won't get to your destination in a timely manner. If you are selling your home visit your motivation, the property condition, pricing, the market and the marketing to make sure you are on track. If everything checks out right then be patient. If not, adjust accordingly to help control your destiny.


When is waiting long enough to sell long enough? Only you know that as it pertains to the timing of your need or want to sell. Market value is decided by a willing Buyer and Seller. Buyers are out there that are ready, willing and able to buy your home. Are you willing to sell? Really?
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When Is Waiting Long Enough To Sell, Long Enough?


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